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Travel's Big Shift Towards Experiences: Takeaways From Arival 360 Berlin

Discover why travel is shifting towards authentic experiences and how it presents a great market opportunity, based on insights from Arival 360 Berlin.

Johannes Reck
CEO & Co-Founder
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Johannes Reck
CEO & Co-Founder
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April 9, 2024

What travelers want

Gone are the days of prioritizing souvenirs over experiences.

Today's travelers crave authenticity, engagement, and memories that last a lifetime. This was the resounding message at Arival 360 Berlin, and it’s a sentiment I wholeheartedly endorse. 

At GetYourGuide, we’ve been at the forefront of the experience economy for the past 15 years. From our humble beginnings as a student project to becoming a leading global platform, we’ve witnessed firsthand the demand for experiences.

And today, we know that the future of travel is guided.

Photo credits: Arival

Our category's day in the sun

Our category’s day in the sun

The experience economy is in its golden hour, and the consumer trends are clear. Today, experiences aren’t just part of the trip; they ARE the trip. Our latest research - 2024 Travel Experiences Trend Tracker – confirms this.

Now headlines about the broader tourism industry might fluctuate, but the desire for unique and unforgettable activities remains unwavering. This is a trend built on solid ground, and I predict a season of exceptional growth for experience creators.

Thriving in a differentiated landscape

Thriving in a differentiated landscape

The travel experiences industry is booming, making differentiation key for success.

Recognizing this shift, we have strategically evolved from a curated marketplace to a platform that empowers entrepreneurial creators. 

We’ve seen a remarkable influx of independent creators joining our platform, taking ownership, and building thriving experience businesses.

Our focus now is twofold: ensuring a best-in-class user experience with powerful recommendation engines and equipping partners with the tools they need to stand out. This includes features that highlight product differentiation, showcase quality, and capture customer attention.

A generational market opportunity

A generational market opportunity

From our student project roots, with Tao, Martin, Tobias, and myself navigating uncharted territory, to now, where experiences are a $300 billion+ industry – the fastest-growing vertical in travel – it’s been an incredible ride. 

As Douglas Quinby aptly pointed out at Arival, only 30% of experience bookings occur online. This presents a generational market opportunity, a chance to truly connect with travelers and unlock a new way we approach – and build – for the industry.

Here's the exciting part: together, we can win, and collaboration remains key. This is why last month, we introduced our biggest product release ever, packed with features, insights, and expert advice. It's designed with your success in mind and to help make 2024 the best high season yet for your business.

The road ahead

The road ahead

The future of travel is brimming with promise. As the experience economy grows, we remain dedicated to empowering experience creators and building a thriving ecosystem where both businesses and travelers win. 

Check out our latest product release and tell us what you think.

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