What commission fee does GetYourGuide charge supply partners?

Our supply partners rely on GetYourGuide to earn money and grow their businesses. But how much does GetYourGuide charge?

Understanding our commission fees helps you set a pricing strategy that aligns with your business.

What does GetYourGuide charge?

Commission fee: GetYourGuide applies a 20-30% commission fee to suppliers based on the country of activity.

For example, if you set the price at €100 per ticket, your net earnings would be €80-70, depending on the operating country.

Payment processing: Payments made by travelers are consolidated by GetYourGuide and subsequently disbursed to supply partners on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, according to their preferred bank option. There are no additional payment processing costs.

Here's an example of how it works for an activity priced at 100€:

1. Traveler finds and books your activity on GetYourGuide on May 30.
2. GetYourGuide charges the traveler 100€.
3. The activity takes place on June 5, and the traveler attends.
4. At the end of June, you (supply partner) receive 70-80€ as your earnings.

Why does GetYourGuide charge fees?

GetYourGuide charges commission fees to be able to contribute to various aspects of your business growth:

  1. Marketing Activities: We invest in paid advertising, collaborate with affiliate bloggers, implement SEO strategies, and employ CRM techniques to promote and advertise your activities to a wider audience.
  2. Product Improvements: Our team continuously optimizes the online presentation of your products, ensuring they are visually appealing and enticing to potential customers. This helps increase the likelihood of bookings.
  3. 24/7 Customer Support: We offer round-the-clock customer support to handle any inquiries, issues, or questions on your behalf. Our dedicated team ensures that your customers receive excellent service and assistance throughout their booking experience.
  4. Streamlined Booking Management: Managing bookings, payments, and related administrative tasks can be time-consuming. GetYourGuide takes care of all these processes, allowing you to focus on enhancing your business and delivering exceptional experiences to customers.

What if 20-30% doesn't make sense for my business margins?

If our commission fee does not align with your business margins, we recommend examining similar activities in your area on GetYourGuide to gauge the market pricing.

While you have the flexibility to set prices higher than other sources, it is crucial to ensure competitiveness and customer appeal.

If the commission poses a challenge, reassess your business model to understand why other suppliers with similar activities can advertise successfully on GetYourGuide. We encourage finding a viable business model that works for you.

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