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Boost Bookings on GetYourGuide with Insights

Unlock growth opportunities with Insights. Increase availability, optimize itineraries & improve images for up to 25% more bookings.

Vivaksha Singh
Senior Product Manager, GetYourGuide
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Vivaksha Singh
Senior Product Manager, GetYourGuide
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April 11, 2024

Running a successful business in the travel industry can be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding what your customers want and how to stand out from the competition.

That’s where Insights comes in—a feature designed to help you enhance customer engagement and grow your business on GetYourGuide.

Tailored recommendations

Tailored, data-based recommendations 

Insights provides personalized recommendations based on a combination of data analysis and feedback from real travelers. These insights come from experiments conducted on the traveler's side of our platform and our in-depth knowledge of the travel market. 

For example, let's say you offer a guided walking tour of a city, and there's a sudden increase in bookings due to a popular event happening nearby. 

Insights helps you capture this demand by surfacing an availability insight and recommends increasing your tour’s availability to accommodate more travelers. By taking action on this, you can secure more bookings and provide a great experience to a larger number of customers.

Itinerary insights

Improving your listings with itinerary insights

A well-crafted itinerary can make a significant impact on the success of your product on GetYourGuide.

Our data shows that listings with detailed itineraries can generate up to 25% more bookings. 

Suppose you’ve just added a new day trip to your offerings, but you haven’t had time to create a comprehensive itinerary. Insights identifies this gap and notifies you to add an itinerary that showcases the unique aspects of this day trip – from pick-up and drop-off locations to points of interest covered. 

By investing time in creating an engaging and informative itinerary, you can – for example – make your day trip on GetYourGuide more appealing to potential customers and increase your bookings.

Power of high-quality images

The power of high-quality images

The images you use to showcase your offerings can be a deciding factor for travelers when they're booking an activity. Insights helps you understand the importance of high-quality images and offers suggestions to help you optimize them.

In fact, our research shows that listings with high-quality images can generate up to 20% more bookings.

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Let's say the images for your popular hiking tour don’t quite capture the stunning scenery of the trail. You’ll get an image insight that suggests replacing the image with  more eye-catching photso that showcase the beauty of the location.

You’ll also get tips and guidelines that help you pick the imagery that can help boost bookings for your product.

By following this recommendation and selecting impressive images, you can grab the attention of potential customers and increase the chances of them booking your tour.

Making data-driven decisions

Making data-driven decisions with Analytics and Insights

In addition to Insights, GetYourGuide now offers a new Analytics dashboard that gives you a complete overview of your business performance. Combining the actionable recommendations from Insights with the data from Analytics, you can make informed decisions to optimize your offerings and drive growth.

For instance, if Analytics shows that your bookings for outdoor activities have increased significantly, you can use this information along with the availability insights, to adjust your inventory and meet the growing demand. This data-driven approach lets you stay on top of trends and maximize new opportunities.

Try Insights

Try Insights

Insights is powerful and by providing actionable and tailored recommendations, it enables you to identify growth opportunities so you can make informed decisions.

So as you get ready for the high season and look to optimize your availability, improve your itineraries, or enhance your image quality, Insights offers the guidance you need to deliver exceptional experiences to travelers.

Try Insights today.

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